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Truvisory and its group has become one of the leading, advisory and accounting companies in the Hungarian market over the past 20 years. Our clients are the leaders in trading & shipping worldwide, some important companies in the Central and Eastern European area, and many Hungarian enterprises too.

Our broad and historical presence in the Swiss, international and regional consulting market allows our offices to share their knowledge and skill in order to encounter the growing demands of our clients in the ongoing market context.

In the last 20 years, we have led the activity to an international level and expanded the range of services offered by the structure.

The whole Group has got its offices in several countries worldwide providing and developing services such as audit, tax and legal advisory, transaction advisory services, business consulting, strategic consultancies for the international trading operations, the accountancy and  payroll too.


Fiduciary Services (Tax Advisory & Tax Planning)

With an experience of over 20 years in the International Tax Planning, Truvisory has always guaranteed the best solutions to its clients’ needs – from structuring their business to forming companies and supporting them with an ongoing management, company operational administration, legal and fiscal services.

Accounting (Audit & Payroll)

Truvisory with its experts offers a full range of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll administration services to its clients. Outsourcing services offer several benefits such as the money saving and the reduction of the risks. Through an external team of experts in auditing, Truvisory is able to provide a comprehensive and independent audit that establish the conditions of transparency and enable the users of the reports to receive an objective image of corporate operation and to trust the reports issued by the company.

Business Management

Truvisory is a leader in the daily running of a business with focus on worldwide trading & shipping. Thanks to its worldwide presence on the market, Truvisory has a privileged relationship with the banking system.

Real Estate

By virtue of a wide network of contacts in Europe and all over the world, Truvisory is in the privileged position of having access to extremely interesting opportunities of investment in the real estate market to offer to its most valued clients.

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The team has a huge variety of practice and industry experience.

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We give you the best possible accountancy service.

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We trust our promise in order to estabilish a long-term relationship with our customers as just a quick sale is not our main focus.

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Truvisory Kft.
Phone: +36 1 700 2230
Email: admin@truvisory.hu
1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 11. 1/4


Truvisory Kft.
Phone: +36 1 700 2230
Email: admin@truvisory.hu
1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 11. 1/4